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Interview Tips & Advice

Making the most of your interview

The first impression you give needs to be the right one, so here are some tips that we hope will be of use to you.


  • There is an increasing trend for interviewers to use ‘competency based’ interview techniques. This simply means you’ll be asked to give specific examples of your experience that directly relate to the job specification. We strongly recommend that you prepare for your interview in this way, regardless of the interview structure.
  • Take the time to read any information we give you and do plenty of research on the company.
  • Make sure you know where the company offices are located – it’s a good idea to go along and find them the day before if possible.
  • Double check the date and time of the interview and make sure you have the name of the person you are seeing.
  • You’ll probably have the opportunity to ask some questions during the interview so make sure these relate directly to the company and the role. Write down the questions on a neat pad and take it with your CV in a smart, business-like bag or folder.
  • Please feel free to call us as much as you like. Whether it’s to discuss an aspect of your CV, to run through the questions you have prepared or simply for some moral support – whatever you need, we’re always here to help.


  • You can’t look too smart for an interview.
  • Make sure your suit or smart clothes are clean and ironed (it sounds so obvious but you would be amazed how many people turn up for interview looking crumpled and even dirty!). Don’t wear fleeces or anything really casual.
  • Shine your shoes, clean your nails and wash your hair.
  • Don’t wear nose, tongue or eyebrow jewellery.
  • If you are wearing a tie make sure it is done up properly and that your top button is also done up.
  • Men – wear dark socks and don’t wear trainers or sandals.
  • Women – don’t wear too much perfume. Men – don’t wear too much aftershave.


  • If there is any reason you can’t attend your interview then just let us know as soon as you can. Please don’t just not turn up or cancel on the day of the interview as this reflects so badly on you and us.
  • Don’t have a quick cigarette before you enter the building.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is turned off.
  • Don’t chew gum.

Arriving for your interview

  • By all means take someone with you for moral support but make sure it’s only you who actually enters the company’s building (one of our candidates once took her mum into an interview with her!).
  • Make sure you arrive about five minutes early. Don’t arrive too early because the person who is interviewing you may have a busy schedule. Also, if you are sitting in a reception for too long you will start to get more nervous.
  • Make sure you sit up straight.

The interview

  • When the interviewer comes to greet you, stand up and offer your hand. Shake hands firmly and look the interviewer in the eye.
  • During the interview maintain eye contact, sit up straight and show interest.
  • Take your time to put your CV and notes on the desk in front of you. If there’s no desk keep them on your lap.
  • Try not to waffle – answer questions directly, honestly, and keep to the point.
  • When asked if you have any questions avoid just asking about salary, benefits, holidays etc., as this can make it seem as if you are only interested in the package rather than the opportunity.
  • If you feel all your questions have been answered during the interview, then why not ask the interviewer to elaborate on a particular aspect of the job that interests you? For example, “You mentioned the SAP implementation – could you tell me more about the project?”.
  • At the end of the interview ask the interviewer what the next step will be.
  • Finally, thank the interviewer for their time and offer your hand to shake.